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The First International Conference on Volunteering for Youth Employment, Mobilization, Social Inclusion & Quality of Life, Copenhagen 25-26 october 2013.

Watch the presentations by the keynote speakers on video here.

Opening by Claus Holm, Vice Head of Department of Education, Aarhus University

Presentation of the VERSO Conference, background & program by Niels Rosendal Jensen, Ass. Professor, Department of Education, AU

Presentation of the Danish Charter for Cooperation between the Civil Society and the Public Sector 2013 by Vibe Klarup Voetman, Chairman of the National Council for Volunteering

“Mobilization for Social Inclusion” by Xavier Ücar, Professor, AUB

“Reflections on the current state of Danish Civil Society from a research perspective”, by Lars Skov Henriksen, Professor Aalborg University. The Danish Research Network,

"Charity economy - a symbol of a fundamental shift in Europe", by Dr. Fabian Kessel, professor at University of Duisburg-Essen

”The Conditions for Participatory Democracy – Citizenship and Volunteering”, by Thomas P. Boje, Professor RUC

"The importance of Innovation for Democratic and Economic Development in Europe", Jan Urban Sandal, Fil. Dr., Jan-U Sandal Institute, Norway

“Voluntary work and informal learning: Conceptual and factual issues", by Daniel Schugurensky, professor Arizona University

Comments & Questions, Daniel Schugurensky and Jan Urban Sandal

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