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Proyecto Coach - Coach Project for companies

Proyecto Coach - Coach Project for companies

Coach Project (English subtitles version) - Youth

Smiling Hospital Fondation

Smiling Hospital Fondation (english version) 2013

Fem possible la integració

Fem possible la integració

Netzwerk Lippe

Five films about new forms of employment developed by Netzwerk Lippe

  1. Generation Gold: A project for elderly unemployed persons, who get help with job search and application, workshops and seminars.
  2. Horizont: A project for refugees with access to labour market in Germany: support in qualification, job search and application (duration 12/2008-10/2010). But this project continues in our new project “alpha”.
  3. Toleranz-Cup: Since 2010 we organize the “Toleranz-Cup”, a football competition with different companies, institutions and initiatives, to promote the idea of tolerance and integration.
  4. Gesundheitstag: In our project “Generation Gold” we arranged a “health and wellness day” for Netzwerk Lippe employees and our project participants, to throw a light on health issues, physical and psychological fitness.
  5. Assessment Center PONTE: one part of the project PONTE is the mentor program we explained in East Riding. Another part are Assessment Center for young people, to help them finding out their strength and interests, which is shown in this film.  

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ARED Foundation in Barcelona


Fundació Ared is a non-profit organisation hat was founded in 1994 as an association for the social integration of women. Ared was created in the basement of the Wad-Ras Women's Prison in Barcelona by five women prisoners, and a clothes-making instructor, who is today the Ared Foundation’s President. Together they created the first clothes-making workshop. The Fundació Ared had begun.

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The Hull & East Yorkshire Citizens Advice Bureau

Making Volunteering Count

A UK charity could be becoming a victim of its own success. The Hull & East Yorkshire Citizens Advice Bureau has been so successful it getting people back into work that it can struggle to maintain the necessary numbers of volunteers it needs. In the current economic climate funding sources are being squeezed and there is a greater demand for the services, the CAB estimate the economic value of our volunteers to be in excess of £989,000 per year.

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The Mentor Programme at Middelfart Job centre

- Completing an education is the key to the job market for young people in Denmark

Every second youth is unemployed in some European countries. In Middelfart in Denmark the overall unemployment rate is only 5%. One of the keystones of improving the young generations’ chances for employment is education. Middelfart job centre has set up a special mentor programme to support the young.

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