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Project Political Board appointed

Project Political Board of VERSO

To strengthen the interplay between VERSO, regional political authorities and the voluntary sector in Europe, the project has set up a Project Political Board of twelve members, who were appointed 30 May at the VERSO Kick-off conference.

The members of the Project Political Board are pleased the project is getting underway and case stories and positive experiences are being collected, since the political expectations of the project are high, as members said at the press conference in Middelfart after the VERSO conference.

- Exciting! The UK is excited to be a partner in this international project. VERSO provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge and expertise about excellent practices that has been developed in our respective countries, says Penny Brown, Chief Executive, after the conference. Ms Brown is from East Riding of Yorkshire Council and member of the Project Political Board.

Liaison between VERSO, civic organisations and political authorities

The Project Political Board gathers regional politicians and NGO representatives from the eight participating regions and acts a liaison between VERSO, political authorities and civic organisations across Europe.

Vibe Klarup Voetmann was elected Chairwoman of the Project Political Board. Ms Voetmann is known as a key figure in voluntary work in Denmark. She is also Chairwoman of the National Council for Volunteering (Denmark) and Head of the Danish Mental Health Fund.

Kaj Johansen became Vice-chairman. He is also Chairman of the Social- and Health Committee in Middelfart Municipality. Upon the meeting with representatives from the other regions in Europe, he said:

“EU is very varied and requires different solutions. Middelfart Municipality is very privileged to have the highest number of youth in education in Region South Denmark and a low unemployment rate at 5%, but that is the result of great efforts at several levels. I believe we can inspire Europe with, for instance, our body of volunteers at the job centres who support unemployed people in finding jobs or getting into education. And I look forward to getting new ideas from the other European countries in this project.”

The Project Political Board will meet again in a year in Lippe in Detmold, Germany, where the members are to discuss initial VERSO results and how best to disseminate the acquired knowledge to interested parties in all of Europe.

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