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Open Days in Brussels

VERSO - Open Days in Brussels

VERSO participated in the 10th European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels, the 8th - 11th of October 2012. The INTERREG IVC programme organised two workshops, which were followed by cross-sectorial networking sessions.

‘It’s an excellent way to exchange ideas and experiences on project findings, good practices and results among the INTERREG IVC project partners’, says Anette Eriksen VERSO Project Manager, who found it very inspiring to be part of the Open Days.

The VERSO project participated in two official INTERREG IVC workshops: 1): “INTERREG IVC capitalisation initiative: How EU regions can benefit?” and 2) “Towards Europe 2020 aims: interregional solutions for smart specialisation”.

The networking sessions with other INTERREG IVC projects offered an opportunity to promote “Volunteers for European Employment” – the VERSO project and distribute more than 300 invitations to the upcoming VERSO Political Briefing: “Understanding the Economic & Social Context of Volunteering and its importance in the Current Climate”, which will be shown online on the 22nd of November 2012, at 13.30-16.45 GMT.

Helena Moss and Claire Watts from East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the VERSO project’s British partner, explain that the Online Political Briefing will involve several external guest speakers, who will provide an overview of the European social and economic context of volunteering. The titles of the presentations “Rethinking Volunteering”, “Priceless but not free - case for Voluntary Sector Infrastructure”, and “On European Volunteer Measurement Project”, promise an interesting and thought-provoking afternoon. We expect the presentations to be exciting for the 12 VERSO Partners and help them better understand the identified 24 good practices on volunteering and employment.

Read more about the Online Political Briefing

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