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What works? Knowledge partners meet up in Middelfart

The VERSO project is a synthesis between a development project, a research project and a regional political change project in which independent researchers collaborate with regional political authorities. Four European research institutions are involved in the project. The project researchers had their second meeting in connection with the VERSO Kick-off Conference in Middelfart.

- Our collaboration is great, spirits are high and we received many constructive inputs at the meeting. I sense much enthusiasm for the project, says Niels Rosendal Jensen, Associate Professor at Aarhus University.
Basic themes in the project were discussed at the meeting, and the researchers took stock of voluntarism in the participating countries, discussed typologies of resources in voluntary work, informal learning in voluntary work, the European Employment Strategy (EES) and Local Employment Developments (LED).

Next stop Greece
The researchers’ task is to make evidence-based studies of the outcome of the collaboration between regional political authorities and volunteers of civil society in their fight against unemployment. The aim is to establish what works and how good experiences can be shared across Europe.
Next stop is Greece, where project researchers will meet up at University of Ioannina in September 2012 to further develop the model for collecting data from the participating regions in Europe.

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