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VERSO external kick-off conference in Middelfart

From 30 May to 1 June 2012, VERSO hosted the Kick-off conference in Middelfart, Denmark.

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First stop Middelfart. What happened during the VERSO Conference?

In the end of May 2012 Middelfart Municipality in Denmark was first stop for VERSO on tour round Europe to collect the best practice of how to use social voluntary work as a means to empower the employment of Europe.

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Combatting unemployment through volunteerism

The message of last week's European conference on volunteerism in Middelfart, Denmark was 'It's time to think outside the box.' Mentors helping the unemployed find an internship and encouraging the young to complete their educations: these are just a few of the proven strategies the Municipality of Middelfart shared with Europe, when participants from the eight EU countries in the project VERSO - Volunteers for European Employment met in Middelfart from 30 May to 1 June 2012. The Danish comedian, social activist and former Member of Parliament Jacob Haugaard opened the conference.

Read press release from the VERSO Conference (June 1, 2012)


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Project Political Board for VERSO appointed

To strengthen the interplay between VERSO, regional political authorities and the voluntary sector in Europe, the project has set up a Project Political Board of twelve members, who were appointed 30 May at the VERSO Kick-off conference.

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What works? Knowledge partners meet up in Middelfart

The VERSO project is a synthesis between a development project, a research project and a regional political change project in which independent researchers collaborate with regional political authorities. Four European research institutions are involved in the project. The project researchers had their second meeting in connection with the VERSO Kick-off Conference in Middelfart.

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